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 About Mentor Marketing and Joe Francis, M.B.A.

Simply, Mentor Marketing specializes in creating profitable marketing tactics for your business.  We also teach and train marketing and sales processes - adding value to the services we provide.

Our experience with small, mid-size, and large businesses and industries has helped position Mentor Marketing to give you maximum returns for very little money.  Our efforts to help small businesses – higher sales and more consistent marketing results – is like no other organization.

With over 30 years experience in marketing, from advertising to marketing research and strategic planning, an incredible understanding of marketing is the foundation we can provide your business .

Since marketing is so much more than sales or advertising , it's a shame that companies regularly put all their marketing eggs in one basket.

The result?

Often it’s frustration, unorganized efforts, and inconsistent results.

For years, we have moved small businesses out of these ruts and on to more consistent and profitable marketing results.  And the experiences we have had in the service sector, manufacturing, retail, professional services (medical, legal, etc.) and others, offer a solid foundation for managing marketing projects in organizations like yours.

Regardless of the business size , marketing principles are the same, and knowing how to adapt the best of applicable big business marketing to small business environments is an overlooked advantage you will receive.

Our small business background also offers a comfort and sense of understanding that is needed to apply solid marketing tactics in your unique business.  Academically we hold B.S.B.A.s and M.B.A.s, along with other completed professional marketing programs and designations.  We constantly keep abreast of new marketing developments and seek ways to help your business sell more.

Now, why was Mentor Marketing started?

Because we want to see good businesses succeed.

Too many businesses needlessly struggle in the area of selling their products and services. They have trouble finding affordable strategic and tactical marketing help.

This is where our organization comes in to help – by organizing your marketing, creating incredibly productive marketing plans, and gaining consistent marketing results.  All of this, of course, gives you improved sales results and better overall revenue from your marketing programs.

Now, what about ethics and trust?  How can you feel comfortable about doing business with Mentor Marketing?

Of course you’ve read about our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. (Yep, we're in the process of renewing and the P.O. Box has changed, so the BBB is currently showing us as not being accredited.  We're getting there!)

 Well, one more piece of personal information we can provide you is about our application of the Christian faith in everything I personally do at Mentor Marketing.  This is the foundation of my business and how I treat others.  It is also the basis for what I mean by ethics and trust.  Interested?  Please keep reading.

You see I believe there is a connection between personal and public lives.  A belief in Jesus Christ gives a perfect example of how to mix the two.  I am constantly encouraged to live a life to be more like His; thinking of others, thinking of God, and fitting it to this business and our country.

Now you might say "Yea, yea. I've heard this before,"  but please keep reading . . .

Just in case all of this talk about faith is hard to understand, maybe because of what you have seen other Christians say or do or it just turns you off, I'll make you a promise:

I’ll buy you a cup of coffee (if you're close enough), or call you on my dime, to talk about it.  I’ll pray to treat you with every kindness and sincerity, regardless of what you believe.  And while I can share with you how my faith and business are connected, I will also share with you why it is connected.  (If you have ever wondered, click this link to find out: Are You Really A Good Person?)  It is only to your benefit, personally and for your business.  You will only be able to work on your business while you are on earth, and I want to help you the right way.  Remember, I do what I do for Him because He is important, you are important and –

The marketing of your business is important.

Good Marketing To You!
Joe Francis

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