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You are probably visiting because you have an interest in marketing, that somewhat elusive science and art that is supposed to get you more business.  Well, Mentor Marketing will help you get more business, so let's explore what your marketing interests are today . . .

Maybe you're looking to hire a marketing professional on a contract basis, or possibly start a new customer satisfaction program.

Or are you possibly interested in social media?

What about retaining customers?  (Did you know it costs much more to get a new customer than it does to retain existing customers?)

Would you like to do eMail marketing and reach many customers inexpensively?

Of course there are business roundtables, exclusive groups of owners and executives that address your entire organization - marketing, finances, operations, everything!

And there is always someone to talk to, a marketing counselor, about your marketing, even if you just need a second opinion about what you've done or plan to do.

There is so much we can do for you and it's all focused on the marketing of your business.

Please call or write to let us have the privilege of working with you!